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Processing and Packaging machinery

Electronics assembling

Transportation lines, material handling

Automotive industry

Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical industry

Small part detection with maximum accuracy

Technical Specification

Consumption (output current excluded) 30 mA max. (LED mod.) 35 mA max. (Laser mod.)
Light emission red LED 650 nm (mod. S3Z…T51)
red LED 665 nm (mod. S3Z…B01/C01)
red LED 670 nm (mod. S3Z…M01)
IR LED 850 nm (mod. S3Z…C11)
IR LED 870 nm (mod. S3Z…F01/G00)
red Laser 650 nm (mod. S3Z…B01/F01/G00/M01)
Setting sensitivity trimmer, 6 turns screw (mod. S3Z…M01), one turn sensitivity trimmer
Operating mode LIGHT/DARK trimmer (Laser mod. S3Z…-PP, -NN), LIGHT (mod. S3Z…-PL, -NL), DARK (mod. S3Z…-PD, -ND)
Indicators yellow OUTPUT LED, green STABILITY LED (mod. S3Z…B01/C01/C11/F01), POWER ON LED (mod. S3Z…G00)
Output PNP or NPN (short circuit protection)
Output current 100 mA max
Saturation voltage 2 V max. (LED mod.) 1,5 V max. (Laser mod.)
Response time 1 ms max. (LED mod.) 250 µs max. (Laser mod.)
Switching frequency 500 Hz max. (LED mod.) 2 kHz max. (Laser mod.)
Connection 2 m cable Ø 3,5 mm, M8 4-pole connector
Dielectric strength 500 Vac 1 min., between electronics and housing
Insulating resistance >20 MΩ 500 Vdc, between electronics and housing
Mechanical protection IP67
Ambient light rejection according to EN 60947-5-2
Vibration 0.5 mm amplitude, 10 … 55 Hz frequency, for every axis (EN60068-2-6)
Shock resistance 11 ms (30 G) 6 shock for every axis (EN60068-2-27)
Housing material body PBT, indicators cover PC
Lens material PMMA, PC (mod. S3Z…B01)
Operating temperature -25 … 55 °C (LED mod.), -10 … 55 °C (Laser mod.)
Storage temperature -40 … 70 °C (LED mod.), -25 … 70 °C (Laser mod.)
Weight 50 g max. cable vers. , 10 g max. conn. vers

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