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Ceramics intralogistics

Automated warehousing

Technical Specification

Power supply: 10 … 30 Vdc (limit values)
Ripple 2 Vpp max.
Consumption (output current excluded) 35 mA max. (mod. S5N…A00/B01/C01/C10/C21/D00/E01/T01)
30 mA max. (mod. S5N…F01/M03)
25 mA max. (mod. S5N…W03/U03)
Light emission red LED 630 nm (mod. S5N…D00/E01, S5N-PA/MA…M03)
red LED 660 nm (mod. S5N…B01/T01)
red LED 670 nm (mod. S5N-PS/MS…M03)
IR LED 880 nm (mod. S5N…A00/C01/C10/C21/G00)
white LED 400-700 nm (mod. S5N…W03)
UV LED 370 nm (mod. S5N…U03)
red Laser 650 nm (mod. S5N…G00/F01/B01/C01)
Setting sensivity trimmer (mod. B01/C01/C21/E01/F01/T01)
teach-in push-button (mod. M03/W03/U03)
Operating mode LIGHT mode on N.O. output / DARK mode on N.C. output (mod.S5N…C01/C10/C21/D00/M03/U03)
DARK mode on N.O. output / LIGHT mode on N.C. output (mod.S5N…A00/B01/E01/F01/T01/W03)
Indicators yellow OUTPUT LED (S5N, excl. mod. G00)
green STABILITY LED (mod. S5N…B01/C01/C21/E01/F01), POWER LED (mod. S5N…G00)
green/red READY/ERROR LED (mod. S5N…M03/W03/U03)
Output PNP or NPN; NO; NC (mod. S5N) IO-Link v 1.1 (mod.S5N…OZ)
IO-Link interface (mod.S5N…OZ) v 1.1, com 2, 38,4 kBaud, 32 bit process data, 5 ms cycle time LED emission model, 8 ms cycle time LASER emission model
Output current 100 mA max.
Saturation voltage 2 V max.
Response time 0,5 ms (mod. S5N…A00/B01/T01/C10/C21/C01/D00/E01/U03)
2 ms (mod. S5N…F01/G00)
1 ms (mod. S5N…M03)
100 µs (mod. S5N…W03)
333 µs (Laser mod. S5N)
Switching frequency 1 kHz (mod. S5N…A00/B01/T01/C10/C21/C01/D00/E01/U03)
250 Hz (mod. S5N…F01/G00)
500 Hz (mod. S5N…M03)
5 kHz (mod. S5N…W03)
1,5 kHz (Laser mod. S5N)
Connection 2 m cable Ø- 4 mm, M12 4-pole connector
Dielectric strength 500 Vac, 1 min between electronics and housing
Insulating resistance >20 MΩ, 500 Vdc between electronics and housing
Electrical protection class 2
Mechanical protection IP67
Ambient light rejection according to EN 60947-5-2
Vibrations 0,5 mm amplitude, 10 … 55 Hz frequency, for every axis (EN60068-2-6)
Shock resistance 11 ms (30 G) 6 shock for every axis (EN60068-2-27)
Housing material Plastic version PBT
Metal version nickel plated brass
Lens material PMMA
Operating temperature -25 … 55 °C
(Laser mod.) -10 … 50 °C
Storage temperature -25 … 70 °C
Weight Plastic version 75 g max. cable vers. (90 g max. mod. M03), 25 g max. conn. vers. (40 g max. mod. M03)
Metal version 110 g max. cable vers. (125 g max. mod. M03), 60 g max. conn. vers. (75 g max. mod. M03)

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