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Technical Specification

Power supply 10…30 V (current output models and digital output models)
12…30 (voltage output models)
Ripple 10% max
Consumption (output current excluded) 40 mA max. (standard display mode), 30 mA max. (ECO display mode)
Light emission red 660 nm (mod. S70…E1, S70…E3)
red 635 nm (mod. S70…E2)
Setting +/SET/- push-button, LIGHT/DARK switch, RUN/PRG/ADJ mode switch
Indicators yellow OUTPUT LED
red SIGNAL LEVEL 4-digit display
green THRESHOLD 4-digit display
Output PNP or NPN
PNP and push-pull (IO-Link mod. S70…PZ)
Output current 100 mA max
Saturation voltage 1,5 V max. (mod. S70…N)
2 V max. (mod. S70…P/PZ)
Response time Super high speed: 10 µs (S70…E2)
High speed: 200 µs (S70…E1), 15 µs (S70…E2), 250 µs (S70…E3)
Fast: 50 µs (S70…E2), 500 µs (S70…E3)
Standard: 500 µs (S70…E1), 250 µs (S70…E2), 1 ms (S70…E3)
Medium range: 500 µs (S70…E2)
Long range: 2 ms (S70…E1), 1 ms (S70…E2), 4 ms (S70…E3)
Extra long range: 5 ms (S70…E1), 12 ms (S70…E3)
Switching frequency S70…E1: 2,5 kHz (High Speed), 1 kHz (Standard), 250 Hz (Long Range), 100 Hz (Extra Long Range)
S70…E2: 50 kHz (Super High Speed), 33 kHz (High Speed), 10 kHz (Fast), 2 kHz (Standard),
1 kHz (Medium Range), 500 Hz (Long Range)
S70…E3: 1 kHz (High Speed), 500 Hz (Fast), 250Hz (Standard), 62,5 Hz (Long Range), 20 Hz
(Extra Long Range)
IO-Link interface baud rate: 38400 bps (COM2)
process data width: 16 bits
IODD files: provide all programming options of top panel interface, plus additional functionality
2,3ms cicle time
V1.1.2 Smart Sensor Profile
Connection 2 m cable, M8 4-pole connector
Dielectric strength 500 Vac, 1 min between electronics and housing
Insulating resistance >20 MΩ, 500 Vdc between electronics and housing
Electrical protection class 2
Mechanical protection IP50, NEMA 1
Ambient light rejection according to EN 60947-5-2
Vibrations 0,5 mm amplitude, 10 … 55 Hz frequency, for every axis (EN60068-2-6)
Shock resistance 11 ms (30 G) 6 shock for every axis (EN60068-2-27)
Housing material ABS and polycarbonate
Operating temperature -10 … 55 °C
Storage temperature -25 … 85 °C
Weight 69 g max. cable vers., 21 g max. conn. vers.

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