Packaging and labeling machinery

Beverage/Food/Cosmetic/Pharmaceutical industries

Printing machinery

Flexographic printing machinery

Very high precision for cutting and sealing applications

Technical Specification

Power supply10 … 30 VDC (limit values)
Ripple2 VPP max.
Consumption (output current excluded)40 mA max. at 24 VDC (mod. TL46-A)
50 mA max. at 24 VDC (mod. TL46-W/WJ)
85 mA max. at 24 VDC 24 VDC with bargraph ON in threshold adjustment mode,
55 mA max at 24 VDC with bargraph OFF in normal functioning mode (mod. TL46-WL)
35 mA max. at 24 VDC (mod. TL46-WLF/WE)
30mA (mod. TL46-WH…PZ, TL46-W…PZ)
Light emissionwhite LED 400-700 nm (mod. TL46-A-4xx); red LED 630 nm (mod. TL46-A-6xx)
blue LED 465nm/green LED 520 nm/red LED 630 nm (mod. TL46-W/WL/WLF/WE/WJ/WH…PZ/W…PZ)
Detection Distance9 ±3 mm
18 mm (Lens No.18 glass)
22 mm (Lens No.22 glass)
28 mm (Lens No.28 glass)
40 mm (Lens No.40 glass)
Minimum spot dimension1.5 x 5 mm; 0.8 x 4 mm (TL46-WJ, TL46-WH…PZ, TL46-W…PZ)
Depth of field± 3 mm
Response time100 μs (mod. TL46-WE, TL46-WH…PZ color mode
33 μs (mod. TL46-W)
25 μs (mod. TL46-A/WL)
20 μs (mod. TL46-W…PZ)
16 μs (mod. TL46-WLF/WE contrast mode)
10 μs (mod. TL46-WJ)
6 μs (mod. TL46-WH…PZ)
Switching frequency10 kHz (mod. TL46-WE, TL46WH…PZ color mode)
15 kHz (mod. TL46-W)
20 kHz (mod. TL46-A/WL)
30 kHz (mod. TL46-WLF/WE contrast mode)
50 kHz (mod. TL46-WJ)
70 kHz (mod. TL46-WH…PZ)
Jitter50 μs (mod. TL46-WE, TL46-WH…OZ color mode) 33 μs (mod. TL46-W)
25 μs (mod. TL46-A/WL)
20 μs (mod. TL46-W…PZ) 16 μs (mod. TL46-WLF/WE contrast mode) <7 μs (mod. TL46-WJ)
3 μs (mod. TL46-WH…PZ)
SettingSET push-buttons (mod. TL46-W/WL/WLF/WH…PZ/W…PZ)
sensivity trimmer (mod. TL46-A)
Operating modeDARK/LIGHT selection by switch (mod. TL46-A); automatic DARK/LIGHT selection (mod. TL46-W/WL/WJ)
automatic DARK/LIGHT selection in the target/background detection, selectable via wire in the dynamic detection
(mod. TL46-WLF/WE/WH)
Indicatorsyellow OUTPUT LED
green READY LED, orange DELAY LED and KEYLOCK (mod TL46-W/WJ/W…PZ)
green READY LED, 4-digit display/DELAY LED/KEYLOCK LED mod. TL46-WLF/WE/WH…PZ
orange ARROWS (mod. TL46-A), DELAY LED and KEYLOCK LED 5-segment bargraph (mod. TL46-WL)
Dark/light selectionSwitch; Automatic;
Automatic/manual; remote/dynamic
Delay0…20ms selectable via delay input
0…100ms programmed
Auxiliary functionKeylock (not available on TL46-WE)
Fine Hysteresis regulation (TL46-WL/WLF/WE)
OutputPNP (mod. TL46-WJ); PNP or NPN; PNP/NPN (mod. TL46-W/WL/WLF/WE by part number);
PP/PNP/NPN (TL46-W/WH…PZ); analog output (mod. TL46-A/W/WL)
Output current100mA
Saturaton Voltage= <2V
Analogue Out0,5…5,5V ±10%; 2V on white target 90%; 1…3V ±10%(white 90%) ; 5,5V max
Analogue out impedance2,2 kΩ (short circuit protection)
ConnectionM12 5-pole connector
Dielectric strength500 Vac, 1 min between electronics and housing
Insulating resistance>20 MΩ, 500 Vdc between electronics and housing
Mechanical protectionIP67
Weight170 g max.

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