Large Field of View 3D Snapshot Sensor

Use Gocator 3210’s blue-LED structured light technology and wide field of view for full field inspection of large targets (e.g., automotive components and assemblies).

Technical Specification

Model 3210
Resolution XY (µm) 60 – 90
VDI/VDE Accuracy (µm) 35
Field of View (mm) 71 x 98 – 100 x 154
Clearance Distance (CD) (mm) 165
Measurement Range (mm) 110
Scanning Software:
Browser-based GUI and open-source SDK for configuration and real-time 3D visualization. Open source SDK, native drivers, and industrial protocols for integration with user applications, third-party image processing applications, robots, and PLCs.
90 Degree Connector / Straight Connector

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